Fast, sharp and precise: water jet cutting

Our high-pressure water jet is better than the best saw for all materials from aluminium to cellular rubber! The cutting gap of 0.1 1.3 mm facilitates production of particularly filigree contours. Maximum material utilisation and minimum process forces are just two further advantages of this procedure, where the material is not changed at all by any chemical, physical or even thermal means.

We cut for you
Aluminium, ceramic materials, natural stone such as granite, marble and sandstone, steel, titanium, brass, copper, chromium and nickel alloys, composites, flat, hollow and laminated glass, as well as reflectors and lenses, plastic and foam, silicone, seals, films, CFRP, Pertinax, sandwich boards and nearly every other material.

Technical data

We have several two- and three-axis gantry machines. Our machines have up to 10 cutting heads and can produce workpieces measuring up to 3000 x 6000 mm. A central high-pressure pumping unit generates   50 l high-pressure water per minute at 4000 bar. The water pressure can be regulated from 0 4000 bar.